Voyage of the Dead

Xbox Игра Voyage of the Dead

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Локализация: Нет
Локальная игра: 4 Локальная игра (кооператив): 4
Поддержка HDR10: Нет
Поддержка 4K Ultra HD: Нет
Улучшена для Xbox One X: Нет
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Описание xbox игры Voyage of the Dead

This isn’t your normal stress-free cruise. After the zombie outbreak, you’ve got to fight to make it out alive. Voyage of the Dead lets you choose your character and use everything you got to protect the passengers. Build your best team and wield your weapons wisely in this desperate race for survival! Voyage of the Dead is a thrilling game designed for users aged 18 and up. Fight with friends to make it out alive!

This MARS Light Gun couch co-op game is set on a cruise ship overrun by a zombie outbreak, with up to 4-players caught in the chaos. Voyage of the Dead is an action-packed zombie shooter with a quirky art style and a campy sense of humor. 8 playable characters pick up pistols, rifles, rocket launchers, alien weapons, and more in the fight against a horde of undead menaces.

MARS LIGHTCON and IR STATION are required to play.
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